About the Store


Welcome to Heaven

With the phrase “Welcome to Heaven”, Malcolm Navias, greets you warmly to his store Heaven- Clothing, Antiques & Collectables. For some visitors it will spark a smile and for others a skeptical glance. Yet everyone who comes to Heaven leaves having had a shopping experience that is either reminiscent of vintage days gone by or the beginning of new memories to cherish for a lifetime. WIth his innate sense of style and meticulous attention to merchandising details, Malcolm makes Heaven an inviting, affordable and always enjoyable experience.

Situated on the first block of Cookman Ave just off Main Street at number 721, Heaven joins a vibrant group of shops and galleries that are as diverse as their merchandise. This unique 700 block creates an inspired shopping gateway to Asbury Park’s Central Business District. It is infused by the originality and panache of the owners aslong with the quality of products they offer.

Heaven’s Gallery

As you ascend “Heaven’s” staircase to the New York loft style gallery on the second floor you’ll enjoy one of distinct themed art exhibitions are offered throughout the year.

The Gallery at Heaven is available for small functions all throughout the year. If you are interested in renting the space or exhibiting please contact us for more information.