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Heavenly Fashion & Jewelry

Heaven’s owner, Malcolm Navias, was a well known Couture designer in his homeland of South Africa for 15 years before going into Ready-to-Wear fashion where he headed the design team for the largest manufacturer of women’s clothing. In 1980 he relocated to America and no longer worked in fashion design. Now, 35 years later he has come full circle, and returned to his love of fashion. A wide range of Heaven’s merchandise Malcolm sources on his regular trips to India, Thailand, Nepal, Turkey, Morocco, Italy, France as well as South Africa. He’s able to discover a wide range of merchandise that is amazingly affordable. Offerings include Handmade Kurtas, reversible Kantha cloth coats and jackets, that are embroidered and appliquéd. They are showcased along side rayon dresses, tops, skirts and pants offered in plain, embroidered and inset with lace. You are guaranteed to be thrilled at the selection of unique clothing Malcom offers at Heaven.

Malcolm’s impeccable eye extends to his jewelry. Although there are some amazing vintage pieces in the store the majority are pieces hand picked on his travels worldwide. You’ll find ultra-light weight aluminum bracelets, earrings and necklaces from a designer in South Africa, along with lapis lazuli, coral, and turquoise pieces including rings from Tibet and Nepal. From lucite to Bakelite, from rhinestones to pearls, gold and silver…Heaven has it all.

Heavenly Collectables

Malcolm Navias has been a collector since the early days of his youth in South Africa where he began collecting Art Nouveau washstand and fireplace tiles along with Royal Doulton Character Jugs (Toby Mugs) and teacups from around the world. He also discovered within himself a jeweler’s eye which allows him to bring to his customers jewelry at price points that are affordable. He travels the world searching out markets where his first question is always, “Will this make Heaven even more heavenly?” His clients would definitely say resoundingly, “Yes.”

His “eye” also extends to discovering amazing vintage kitchenware, unique glassware and china to complete the assortment of his ever popular collectibles. Do you have a love of turn of the century photographs, vintage Asbury Park post cards, glass doorknobs, princess phones, brass candlesticks, swinging 60’s women’s hats, vintage phones and figurines? If so, plan according, cause there’s a treasure trove waiting for you at Heaven.

What’s in Heaven…

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